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Three Benefits to Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster

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If your home has sustained damage, you may be looking to file a homeowners insurance claim. After filing this claim, you may want to think about hiring a public insurance adjuster to assist you, especially if you have a high value claim. A public insurance adjuster is someone who comes in and values the damage of your claim. They then work with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure you get the money you are entitled to. Learning the benefits of hiring a public insurance adjuster can help you decide whether to invest in one. 

A Public Insurance Adjuster Can Let You Know What Is Covered 

One of the first things that a public insurance adjuster will do is read through your homeowners insurance policy and see what is covered and to what extent you are covered and what is excluded. This allows them to tell you whether you have a loss or damage that is covered and what the maximum amount of money you can get for the loss is per your policy limits. This helps you to understand whether something may be covered before you file a claim. 

A Public Insurance Adjuster Knows the True Value of Your Loss

The second benefit to hiring a public insurance adjuster is that the adjuster knows the true value of your loss. There are many factors that go in to determining the value of a loss or damage. It may be the amount it costs to repair the damage, the amount of any damaged furniture or belongings in your home, and the amount of money you may be out because you had to rent a hotel room or even another home for a few months. A public insurance adjuster helps to determine what the true value of your claim should be so you can get what you are entitled to. 

A Public Insurance Adjuster Handles the Insurance Company

The last benefit to hiring a public insurance adjuster is that they deal with the insurance company on your behalf. The public insurance adjuster can file your claim for you, meet with the insurance companies inspectors, field phone calls from the company, and handle settlement negotiations. This frees up more of your time for other things, such as getting back into the swing of a normal life and routine. 

Many people think that their insurance company will give them a fair amount of money after filing a homeowners insurance claim. But, unfortunately, many insurance companies are looking to give you the least amount of money as possible. A public insurance adjuster works for you, helping you to maximum the amount of money you can get for the damages done to your home or the losses you sustained. Contact an insurance adjuster such as The People's Choice Public Adjuster for more information.